Welcome back to The Spin! Following a decade-long partnership with Zara, India’s Tata Group is now launching an even faster fashion concept at even lower prices. Over in the US, Amazon tries to secure a part of the profitable back-to-school market, while Alibaba and JD make headlines in China for combining facial recognition technology with consumers' purchasing data. And then there is Kim Kardashian West’s new shape wear line. Enjoy the read and feel free to share! Best, Ulrike


Amazon on campus. To secure its part in the important back-to-school business, Amazon has launched an Off-to-College web shop offering dorm essentials including desk supplies, bedding, home decor and fashion for young men and women. To entice consumers, the online giant has enlisted college influencers including Ava Phillippe, the daughter of Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon, to curate the vast assortment.

Westside Story! After ten years as Inditex partner for its Zara chain in India, Tata Group is launching its own fast fashion empire. The company promises to bring runway looks to consumers in just twelve days for half the price Zara would charge. Items will retail through Westside, which currently operates over 150 stores in India, as well the Zudio value retailer, both operated by Tata's Trent Ltd. As part of the push, which should bring about 300 new styles to stores every week, Trent plans to expand with both retailers.


Deep data. To increase merchant loyalty, Chinese online giants Alibaba and JD are now combining facial recognition technologies with customer account data. Participating consumers will have their facial data stored in merchants’ systems, allowing shop assistants to access information about their preferences from both regular and online purchases. Upon entering a participating store, these customers will receive targeted offers from partner brands, based on their previous shopping behavior.

Attack on Amazon. Using blockchain technology, Xu Jizhe, founder and CEO of the digital retail platform NewMall and its attached Newton community, aims to disrupt Amazon’s monopoly, which is also being challenged by resurfacing antitrust concerns. According to Xu, her technology provides supply-chain transparency, reduces costs for merchants, and can provide token incentives for customers, who use the attached NewPay system. NewMall launched on April 24 with nearly 4,000 SKUs, with China currently being the main target.


Kim, oh NO! US reality star Kim Kardashian West just launched a shape wear line, Kimono Solutionswear, and the Internet is already on fire. Applauded for its variety in sizes (XXS-4XL) and shades (9), and criticized for its similarity to a the Spandex-heavy Yeezy collection by her hubby, Kanye West, as well as misappropriation of the Japanese heritage, the line includes bras, panties and the already notorious solution short (image right) with one short and one longer leg to wear under dresses and skirts with a slit.


New boss for Boss Germany. Thorsten Link was named (paywall; translated by Google) managing director central hub at Hugo Boss, taking over responsibility for the company’s difficult domestic business as well as Austria, Switzerland and some Eastern European regions. Link, who’s already worked (in German) for Boss between 1994 and 2006, most recently was managing director at German menswear label Stellson, where he will be succeeded by ex-Drykorn manager Marino Edelman. At Boss, he takes over from Marcus Meyer (in German), who left a few months ago.

The Verge. Following the departure of C&A Europe’s CEO Alain Caparros in March, COO Mohamed Bouyaala is reportedly also on the verge of leaving (in German). Caparros' successor, Edward Brenninkmeijer, is reviewing the entire business strategy and is rumored to have no more use for Bouyaala. "We can't confirm that," commented (paywall; translated by Google) a C&A spokesman at the request of German fashion trade magazine TextilWirtschaft. Bouyaala could not be reached for comment.


Retail (group) therapy. Community and connection-based retail concepts, particularly in the outdoor sector, give an entirely new meaning to the concept of retail therapy, which usually refers to the temporary lift one usually gets from shopping. According to experts, social connections are as important to humans as food and shelter, while outdoor activities might cure a variety of diseases.


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