Happy Monday and welcome back to The Spin! Following a successful Thanksgiving weekend, US retailers prepare for additional sales hikes on today’s Cyber Monday. In France, the weekend was marred by violent clashes between protesters and police. On a lighter note, a New Jersey teacher tries to inspire less consumption by coming to school in the same dress for 100 days. Enjoy the read and feel free to share! Best, Ulrike


Moving to mobile. In the US, Black Friday sales are on track to hit $23 billion this year. As foot traffic dropped 1.7 percent last Friday, online sales jumped 23.6 percent to a record $6.22 billion, with about $2 billion generated via smart phones. For today’s Cyber Monday, experts expect a new sales record of $7.8 billion, up 17.6 percent from last year.


Bloody moves. Just two days after Karl Lagerfeld switched on the red holiday lights on Paris' Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the stately street became the site of violent clashes between police and about 5,000 protesters who oppose French President Emmanuel Macron's policies. Amidst vandalism and violence, more than 100 protesters were arrested.


A bite out of Apple. Online giant Amazon, which accidentally exposed names and email addresses of customers last week, plans (paywall) to convince non-competing brick-and-mortar merchants to add Amazon Pay as a digital payment option. The service competes with Apple Pay, which is expected to be available at about 60 percent of US retail outlets by the end of this year.

Payment pool. Over in Germany, HBC-owned Galeria Kaufhof has introduced (paywall; in German) Alipay and Bluecode. Both mobile payment providers cooperate in Europe, with Switzerland-based Bluecode targeting European customers, while Alipay remains focused on Asians. For implementation, Kaufhof is working with full-service payment service provider BS Payone (press release).


Escaparate española. As part of its European push, Amazon has opened its first pop-up store in Spain. Located in the main shopping area of Madrid, it offers a broad array of merchandise including apparel, electronics and even a bathtub with the Amazon logo. Similar stores are also planned for Britain, Italy and Germany. Separately, CEO Jeff Bezos made headlines for conceding that Amazon might fail one day.


Fall from grace. Amidst mounting debt, Californian multi-level fashion marketer LuLaRoe, which generated sales of $2.3 billion in 2017, has been losing its top sellers and might be on the verge of implosion. The brand is specialized on colorful fashion for women, men and children, which are sold by independent consultants via house parties and social media.


Power moves. On May 1, Otto Group’s Chief Digital Officer Sebastian Klauke will succeed (paywall; in German) Rainer Hillebrand on the German mail-order retailer's Executive Board. In France, Galeries Lafayette is filling (in French) the newly created role of Director of Buying and Merchandising with Marianne Romestain, the former CEO of French luxury leather goods label Lancel.


Dress against excess. In North America, consumers discard about 12 million tons of textiles to landfills each year. To raise awareness of this “culture of excess”, New Jersey-based eighth grade teacher Julia Mooney has been wearing the same dress to work since early September. Her plan to do so for the first 100 days of the current school year is currently drawing national attention.


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