Welcome to this Thursday edition of The Spin. On the retail front, Target had a stellar quarter and Bergdorf Goodman is about to launch a shop-in-shop that's a bit sexy, goth and mysterious. Over in China, famous male cuties are helping to sell fashion brands and some consumers are ready to "just say no" to American products. And a cool new fashion museum – the first of its kind – will soon open in Amsterdam. Enjoy the read and please share it with colleagues and friends. Best, Christopher


Bullseye. In a sign that physical retail is probably not dying after all, Target's Q2 results, which it posted yesterday, were the best since 2005. Same store brick-and-mortar sales rose 4.9 percent and store traffic was up 6.4 percent. In addition, online sales increased by 41 percent. Urban Outfitters also had a strong second quarter but its stock dropped yesterday as analysts don't believe it can keep up the momentum.


Paint it black. Following up on Linda's, the in-store boutique named for and created by its SVP of women's fashion and store presentation, Linda Fargo, in May 2017, posh NYC store Bergdorf Goodman will unveil (paywall) another in-store shop next month. Named Noir and also created by Fargo, the area will feature all-black merchandise only. Bergdorf's will replace its signature lavender shopping bags with black ones for Noir purchases.



Unloading logistics. Hong Kong-based clothing and sourcing manufacturer Li & Fung posted disappointing financials yesterday, including a 45 percent drop in profit in the first half and said that it will spin off its logistics business in order to streamline operations. It also said that the products involved in the US-China trade war accounted for a mere 2 percent of its business and that it was therefore was not really affected by it.

Hugo hails The King. Hugo Boss will release a special Michael Jackson themed capsule collection on the late pop star's 60th birthday, August 29. The small offering includes an update of the iconic white suit Jackson wore on the cover of his album "Thriller" and three unisex T-shirts featuring images of him. The collection will be available in Boss stores worldwide.

I wanna be your boyfriend. Brands such as YSL, Pandora and Chloe are among those who are relying on famous male Chinese heart-throbs to hawk their products through seductive POV videos that make their viewer feel as if the guy is addressing her directly. The ads play to the idol obsession known as "little fresh meat" that is so strong in Chinese society that it has led to the formation of sub-groups, including those who view the star as their boyfriend, true love or even adopted child.


Ready to refuse. Speaking of China and the China-US trade war, new studies and anecdotal evidence show that more Chinese consumers would be willing to boycott US goods should the conflict continue to escalate. Out of 2,000 respondents, 54 percent said that would stop buying Made in the USA items. And some even see the return to tariffs as a rehash (paywall) of the Opium Wars, where the West took control and power from China.


Scanner for students. Austrian company 3Dcopysystems has debuted its six-meter full body scanner in America at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York. Called Big Alice, the device can scan up to six people at once. Its 3D data can they be applied to AR, VR and 3D printing.


Showcasing sustainability. Fashion for Good, the global fashion sustainability initiative, will open a permanent public museum in Amsterdam on October 5. The museum will feature more than 50 innovations in the field of sustainable and circular fashion and have a themed gift shop that will focus on a different sustainability topic every three months.


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