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Friday is finally here and what a better way to start it than with a new edition of The Spin? Today we're exploring the EU's plans to regulate online giants to help small businesses and its plans to invest in artificial intelligence. In addition, you'll learn why Chinese designers are poised for growth and hear about the latest social media movement to make a major, radical change in fashion (LOL). Enjoy the read and have a delightful weekend. Best, Christopher


Policing the powerhouses. The European Union has proposed a new law that would regulate app stores, search engines, e-commerce sites and reservation booking sites and force them to be more transparent about their business relationships with small businesses. Affecting giants from Amazon to Google, the new rules would require them to reveal how they rank search results and give companies the right to collectively sue if the law is not followed.


AI in the EU. In other EU news, The EU Commission is aiming to have public and private investment in artificial intelligence, or AI, reach €20 billion by 2020 to better compete with the Asia and the US, which are currently spending three times more than Europe to develop and promote the technology. Nationally, the UK, France and Germany are all vying to become leaders in the field of AI and have recently pledged funds or announced plans to develop it.

Fine China. Thanks to a changing domestic economy and fashion market and increasing awareness of their names and talent on the global stage, the future looks especially promising for Chinese designers and brands. A recently held forum in Beijing concluded that domestically produced designs – like the ones shown on a London catwalk earlier this week – will find success both at home and abroad in the coming years.

Make Kanpur Great Again. The Indian state government of Uttar Pradesh is taking action to revive textile manufacturing in the city of Kanpur, which was known as "Manchester of the East" during its heyday as leading fabric-producing center. The plan includes resurrecting long shuttered mills and making improvements to the few surviving ones.


Compliant Kering. Chairman Francois-Henri Pinault of Kering, the parent company of Gucci, said Thursday that it is cooperating with Italian authorities in the ongoing tax evasion investigation of the latter but is "totally compliant" with fiscal regulations everywhere it operates. The conglomerate also got shareholder approval at its annual meeting yesterday to spinoff the Puma brand to focus exclusively on the luxury market.


Designer docos. Two new documentary films shown at the annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York this week focus on world renowned fashion-designer names. "McQueen" explores the life and extraordinary career of the late Alexander McQueen while "Yellow is Forbidden" is about Guo Pei, the Chinese designer who created Rihanna's famous yellow Met Ball gown. Another film shown at the festival centers on longtime Vogue editor André Leon Talley.

Farewell, Fulvia. Fulvia Visconti Ferragamo, daughter of Ferragamo founder Salvatore Ferragamo and creative director of the Italian house's men's and women's silk accessories, died (paywall) Wednesday in Italy at age 67 of an undisclosed illness. She also served on the company's board of directors.


Pocket protest. The mother of a three-year-old sparked an online movement this week after her tweet requesting that clothing manufacturers put (workable) pockets on girls' pants went viral gaining 250,000 likes and sparking 1,000 more tweets about the topic. Others quickly noted that it was a female problem in general and that many apparel items for grown women also lack the handy pouches. It remains to be seen if designers will listen to this new "give us pockets" picket line...


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