Welcome to a new week and a new edition of The Spin. Today we'll see how the founder of a famous Italian brand is again taking the wheel, hear about the latest incident of alleged sexual harassment and read about Rihanna's thoughtful Twitter response. Enjoy the read and feel free to share. Best, Christopher


Benetton's back. Luciano Benetton, founder of the Benetton Group, is ending his retirement and returning at age 82 to captain the now struggling company he formed in 1965. When he left Benetton nearly a decade ago, its annual profit was €155 million; last year it posted a loss of €81 million. His relaunch of the brand will include a reviving production of its signature sweaters and a new photo campaign by Oliviero Toscani who previously shot the brand's most iconic images.


Weber woes. Photographer Bruce Weber is the latest high-profile name to be accused of sexual harassment. Former model Jason Boyce has filed a lawsuit claiming that Weber, who is probably best known for his work for sexually charged campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch, forced him to strip and kissed him during a casting session at his studio in December 2014. Boyce says he gave up modeling soon thereafter. Weber has not responded to the charges.


Checking Gucci's receipts. Italian police visited the offices of Gucci last week to investigate charges of tax evasion by the Kering-owned luxury brand. According to sources the Italian government suspects (paywall) that Gucci may have paid taxes on its Italian sales in another country instead. The brand says it is offering its full cooperation with the ongoing investigation.

Investor for Gardeur. Bankrupt German trousers brand Gardeur has apparently found an investor (in German; paywall) to rescue it. It has not revealed who (in German) it is but says that the company is already involved in the fashion business in Europe.


Cloned competitors. As giants Walmart and Amazon continue to ramp up their retail rivalry they are becoming more alike while also offering a glimpse of what successful stores of the future will need to offer. This includes an omni-channel network of online and physical stores, special delivery services and a focus on voice-activated shopping.


Bullish on wool. Wool production in Australia has soared to its highest level in over two decades and was worth AU$3.3 billion last year compared to AU$1.9 billion in 2009. The rise is a result of growing demand from big brands such as Adidas and Nike as well as an expanding market in China.

Rihanna's respect. Rihanna responded on Twitter to a fan's request to cast a trans woman in her next Fenty Beauty campaign by saying that she feels that trans people and black women are often used by fashion companies as "a convenient marketing tool" and that she would never cast anyone based on those qualities. Her DM response was later shared by the fan and has been liked and shared by thousands.

Surviving in style. A recently staged fashion show in New Delhi, India featured 10 survivors of acid attacks, which mutilate women's faces. The show was staged by Make Love Not Scars, an organization devoted to preventing these attacks.


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