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Happy Wednesday and welcome back to The Spin! Today we check out the latest collaboration between a major design house and a major artist's foundation. We also take a look at Etsy's new profit-oriented strategy, and tell you why a small Toronto-based company just renamed a best-selling coat "The Meghan". Enjoy the read and feel free to share! Have a great day, Ulrike


Unprecedented move. Calvin Klein Inc has entered into a four-year partnership with the Andy Warhol Foundation. The collaboration allows the PVH-owned label to utilize Warhol's creations, including never-before published works. In turn, the fashion company will contribute to the foundation's trust. With this initiative the brand's new Chief Creative Officer, Raf Simons, is building on his long-standing relationship with the Foundation. He already worked with them in Fall 2013, as Creative Director at Dior, and has also featured Warhol works in his CK underwear campaign and the latest Calvin Klein runway collection.


Wedding crasher. Strong demand for a white wrap coat by the small Canadian fashion company Line the Label just crashed the brand's eCommerce platform in the UK. The $750 item rose to instant stardom when actress Meghan Markle wore it in her first post-engagement appearance with Britain's Prince Harry. In honor of the new style icon the sold-out style (which will soon be restocked) has been renamed "The Meghan".


Countdown. Bancrupt German pants specialist Atelier Gardeur is planning (in German) massive lay-offs, including Managing Director Marcus Kraft who will not be replaced. Concrete numbers have not yet been released, but insiders estimate that about a third of personnel in Germany is going to be eliminated. The company's headquarters in Mönchengladbach currently counts 230 employees. According to company information, five possible investors are still in the running, down (in German) from 16 earlier this month, with a decision expected by November 30.


A handmade's tale. Under new CEO Josh Silverman, Etsy is now focusing squarely on profitability. At its IPO in 2015, the Brooklyn-based online platform for handmade items, crafts and vintage products was valued over $3 billion, but its market capitalization eroded to currently about $2 billion. Earlier this year, a slew of management shakeups, massive layoffs and a new corporate philosophy have rung in a new era in the company's philosophy.


Fashion carousel. British designer Stella McCartney condemns the fashion industry as incredibly wasteful. She would like clothes to be designed differently, worn longer and recycled as much as possible by 2050. Some of the worst culprits are babies and toddlers who quickly outgrow their clothes. Globally, customers miss out on $460 billion of value each year by throwing away apparel that they could still wear. Subscription services like Danish offer to rotate clothes thus vastly extending their lifecycle.


Smooth curator. Carol Lim, Co-Founder of New York's concept store Opening Ceremony, reveals the strategy behind her masterful collaborations with bands like Google, Esprit, Dickies and The Muppets. Lim and partner Humberto Leon, who are also Creative Directors at Kenzo, engineer their co-creations and events with a solid focus on each brand’s innate DNA on which they build lasting relationships that go far beyond the products.

Conversation starter. While traditional retailers are trying to lure customers with large discounts, young Olatiwa Karade just sold out her entire assortment of pro-black slogan sweaters. Operating under SplendidRainCo - Clothing for activists, the 19-year-old seeks to rebrand the "angry black woman" narrative. Provocative statements like "Your founding fathers owned slaves" and "Columbus was a murderer" on soft sweaters are supposed to spark serious conversations about race.


Holiday spirit. The "Get some, give some" strategy of pop-culture themed fashion retailer BoxLunch has hit a nerve with young customers. For every $10 spent at one of its 88 US stores, the Industry, California-based company provides a meal to the needy via the hunger-relief charity Feeding America. Since its launch in October 2015, the fast expanding company already donated more than 11 million meals - and counting.


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