Welcome to this Wednesday edition of The Spin. Today you will learn why things are looking brighter for two U.S. fashion bigwigs (and for those who sell licensed merchandise), how ASOS is creating jobs for America and get the latest in the "I'm gonna sue you for copying me" saga that seems to be a growing trend in the fashion world. Enjoy the read and feel free to share. Best, Christopher


Michael and Ralph rebound. Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren had a good day on Wall Street yesterday after reporting their second quarter results. Although both recently beleaguered brands continued to report declines in sales, the figures were far lower than before – as well as expected estimates – giving investors hope that both fashion giants are now on the road to recovery. As a result, share prices of Ralph Lauren rose 13 percent while the value of Michael Kors stock increased by 22 percent.


License numbers. A new annual survey conducted by the Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association, or LIMA, says that global sales of licensed products last year rose 4.4 percent to US$262.9 billion. While Characters/Entertainment continue to be the largest licensed sector, Fashion was third at US$31.1 billion, or 11.8 percent of the total market. As far as actual products, apparel was number one and accounts for 14.9 percent (US$39.3 billion) of total sales, followed by toys (13.3 percent) and fashion accessories (11.3 percent).

Gucci slaps back. In the latest chapter of the ongoing legal battle between Gucci and Forever 21 over the use of colored stripes on clothing and accessories, Gucci has returned the volley. Yesterday it asked the federal court in California to dismiss the lawsuit that Forever 21 filed against the luxury house in June and filed a counterclaim accusing the retail chain of willful trademark infringement.


ASOS invests in America. Online retailer ASOS is (literally) building its U.S. business. It and the governor of Georgia announced yesterday that ASOS will spend $40 million to create a new fulfillment center in Union City, a suburb of Atlanta. The new complex will be able to hold 10 million items, employ 1,600 new workers and be the hub for shipments along the East Coast. It is due to open by autumn of next year and will undoubtedly help ASOS grow its already booming sales in the USA.

We'll always have Paris. Although numbers drastically declined following the 2015 terrorist attacks new numbers show that Chinese visitors have returned to Paris and that stores there are reaping the benefits. According to the Paris Office of Tourism, 215.317 Chinese visited the French capital between January and April 2017, a 40.4 percent increase compared to the same period in 2016.


MINISO marches on. Chinese retail chain MINISO, which sells everything from homewares and cosmetics to fashion accessories and markets itself as being Japanese, is continuing its quest to conquer the world. Already operating in more than 50 countries, it celebrated its arrival in South Africa, in a shopping mall in Pretoria, earlier this week. It plans to add 50 more stores in that country and recently inked a deal to enter the New Zealand market soon as well.


Posh's pizza problem. Victoria Beckham is consulting with lawyers and pondering taken legal action against a restaurant in Wallsend, England after an advert on one of its delivery vans likened her slim frame to its new "Victoria Beckham" super thin 2 mm pizza crust. In the ad she is depicted as a skin-and-bones cartoon character wearing a sash that says "Anorexic Fashion Icon."

Makeup by Moss. Supermodel Kate Moss is getting into the beauty business and launching a makeup set with Japanese brand Decorté that includes lip shades, a lip pencil, a brow pencil and other items all in a black bag. The Kate Moss Favorites set will be sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue stores for $190 starting later this month.


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